In just the first few weeks, my life has changed. I no longer obsess about food, I feel more in control of my eating with each day and the meal plan keeps me satisfied.

After eating clean for four weeks, it feels like my anger is subsiding. I find I am not as fixated on negativity. I am thankful again and have such gratitude in my life.

I had my cycle last week and I was able to go on 'as normal'. I did have some cravings but the irritability was quite mild. That in and of itself is a miracle!

I have suffered with acne my entire life. My face has never been clearer.

The Intensive program has literally saved my life and has taught me how to succeed in living with this horrific disease.

The Intensive changed my life. It has saved it. I do not exaggerate. The way we eat on Intensive is designed to knock sugar cravings for dead, all cravings in fact.

At the age of 44, I felt I was done. There was no hope. I was so close to giving up completely, just letting my addiction take me over. I could fight no more. I was isolated and ready to check out. I was DONE. With the Intensive, slowly but surely, with the odd slip. I can see the light. I know I have the secret now and no one can take that away from me.

I am educated now, learning and comprehending more about my addiction and how I can overcome it - ACTUALLY LIVING an abstinent life - free of food insanity. Shedding big numbers, but more importantly - stopping the insanity! It’s not been perfect, but it’s been night and day to anything I have ever tried before.

In the first three months of the Intensive, I have progressed more than all the books, all the therapists, all the treatments of 30 years, the pills, the shakes, the shots, the health farms, the ashrams, and the hundreds of diet fads. I cannot unlearn what I know now.

Dr Joan Ifland has designed a plan that in a period of time - and with the right training and support – has made my cravings so minimal and replaced them with a sense of wellness and lightness of being. This will make you and your family believe in you again.

You can find peace here, you can find health. Permanently. You will be understood and you will get your life back.

This Intensive has literally saved my life. I feel like I've been rescued by angels. The difference for me is that Joan explains why we eat this way and there's no pressure to do it "perfect" or fear of abandonment.


The cravings are gone, they've been "LIFTED." I'm 67 and have been fighting this disease my whole life, now I don't have to do it alone. I have 24 hour support, Joan is kind and knowledgeable - a WINNING combination.


The Intensive has been a life saver. Through education and compassion, I finally feel freedom from this awful disease.


I have suffered with food addiction for decades and have truly found freedom through the Intensive program.


I came into this Intensive a hopeless ‘food drunk.’ The Intensive in such a short time has left me a competent sober human being.

The clarity I have gained has helped me live again and have health and hope for a happier and abstinent life. ME! It taught me that I matter and that I'm worth it. This is after taking care of everybody else first for years.


The Intensive will take the loneliness, isolation, and shame right out of this disease. None of us has to do this alone.


I am in the February 2016 Intensive. It is a life changing experience. I highly recommend signing up for the next one.  Joan sets up a private page for each Intensive where the members post, including pictures of our meals, and support each other.  Joan interacts with our posts.  If we are having trouble, Joan and the group rally and support us. We have nightly phone conference calls where we learn tons of information about food addiction and how it changes your brain chemistry. This is the most open, caring, and supportive learning experience I have ever been a part of.  


For 25 years I have been a prisoner to food addiction. I feel blessed to have found Joan Ifland and her food Intensive on Facebook. I can now say that I'm free and I now have hope and peace in my life because of the tools and knowledge I have received from the Intensive.


The Intensive program has worked wonders for me. Saved my life. Great support system.


I'm 65 and been battling food addiction for a long, long time too. I thank God for Joan and this program. Life-changing for sure!

For me, the miracle of this food plan is threefold: I am not hungry between meals. I no longer have food cravings. I have lost weight. Thank you to Joan and all group members for support.


I am so thankful for Joan Ifland’s Intensive. For the first time in my life I have found a group that understands my relationship with unprocessed foods and even more importantly, has a solution. Joan’s expertise is astounding. She has such a welcoming nature and understands that each person is an individual coming from a different platform. Although I realize this is just the beginning of healing my compulsive overeating after 45 years of searching I am so thankful for the Intensive.


I have learned that there is no need for guilt and shame.

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