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Dr. Joan ifland


Dr. Joan Ifland has been active in food addiction since 1996 when she began her own recovery. She is the author of Sugars and Flours: How They Make Us Crazy, Sick and Fat  which sold in the top 3% of Amazon books for over 10 years.  Today, she is dedicated to developing best practices by translating evidence-based research into education for food addicts. Dr. Ifland is the founder of the FaceBook Group, 'Food Addiction Education' which provides free online expertise to food addicts around the world.  She teaches meal preparation and trigger avoidance. She also shows the role of the food and diet industries in creating food addiction and teaches ways to defend against industry practices. She is currently editing a textbook on food addiction. Dr. Ifland and her chosen monitors conduct the Food Addiction Intensive Training to ensure that every participant receives the highest level of expertise. Her MBA is from Stanford University, her PhD specializing in food addiction was awarded by Union Institute and University, and her BA was earned at Oberlin College in Economics and Political Science.  Dr. Ifland makes her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 


Anyone who wants to eat better. Whether you have a good start and want to keep the momentum, or you’re climbing out of a relapse, the Intensive will help.

People who want to help their families. You want to protect your family from the harmful effects of processed foods. You’re ready for strategies that actually work (and save money in the process!)

People who want to age gracefully. You want to sail through old age vibrant and healthy. You’ve waited for this era and you want to enjoy it thoroughly.

People who want to spend their time enjoying life. You want to develop routines that are quick and easy so you have more time for the fun stuff!



Who is the Intensive for?

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About Our Food Addiction Intensive EDUCATION


Food Addiction Intensive Training starts with a simple goal: Help you recover from food addiction through expert online training at a reasonable price. You get help without having to travel away from family and work. Food Addiction Intensive Education is offered in small segments that are easy to understand and build into a secure lifestyle. Lessons and discussions travel with you on your personal device through a confidential Facebook group.  New hope comes from defining chronic overeating as an addiction that responds to the right approach.


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