Food Addiction Newsletter

Services and registration 

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Intensive Orientation (Confidential Facebook Group)

  • Learn the symptoms of food addiction.
  • Find out which diseases are associated with processed food.
  • Learn how to protect craving pathways in the brain from triggers.
  • Get training in how to restore brain function.
  • Access support for helping children with food addiction

Intensive Food & exercise (Confidential Facebook Group)

  • Develop easy routines for delicious, easy, quick meals.
  • Post pictures of meals for inspiration and education
  • Learn great recipes
  • Get gentle motivation to exercise in a way that is fun for you.

Intensive Stop & Shop (confidential Facebook Group)

  • Find links to replays of the daily phone call.

  • Raise any topics you like.

  • Meet like-minded people who understand your experiences.

daily phone calls

  •      Bring up issues from the day to Dr. Ifland or experienced monitors.
  •      Read and comment on recovery literature or research findings.
  •      Learn how to build new spiritual and personality skills.
  •      Track your progress.

Small Chat Groups

  •      Join a small chat on topics such as budgeting, family, volunteering, trauma,   sleep or plant based eating.

You may access the Facebook Groups online 24 hours per day to post questions and comments. Questions and concerns will be answered frequently.



If there is income into your household, the suggested fee for the Intensive is $15 per week.  Please click this Paypal Subscription button to set up your payment.

If your household is on assistance of any kind, the suggested fee is $20 per month. Click this Paypal subscription button to set up $20 per month.

DEFERRING: We recognize that food addiction creates distressing financial situations.  The Training will work with students to address this by offering strategies to reduce spending.  Also, we hope that by improving energy, mental clarity and confidence, that students will be able to improve earnings. Thus we are offering deferred class fee payment options.  Please click this option on your registration.